Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Good afternoon.  Just a very quick simply put together gift to show you today.

Just after I had put away all the bits from doing the cake and tidying the table I got a call from my oldest daughter asking if I could make up a wedding gift for one of her work team, who hadn't been working long with them but they wanted to give something.   Not a large budget but she told me what the team had thought they would like for the couple,  and this is what I made.

I bought a large tray, two place mats, a bottle of Champagne,  two Champagne flutes and some hand made chocolates. ( couldn't believe the cost of the ten of them) but that's what was asked for.
I used the mats to cover over most of the tray, then just popped the chocolates into the two flutes and placed them at the side of the bottle of Champagne, then I clinged it all up and tied three lengths of organza ribbon round it.  A very simple put together gift.

I am off tomorrow with younger daughter down to Grantham to visit her god parents.  She still calls them Mutti and Dad Da.  (She is 36). June and Sam lived in the house at the back of us, and when Tammy was born they both just adored her even when they had two daughters themselves.  They were a great help to me as I had a band new baby plus the two others and a husband who had shattered his elbow of his right arm, being very right handed he just couldn't do much for himself.  June and Sam stepped in and would help.  We felt that they would make wonderfull god parents.
Tammy feels that seeing how they are now 70 she wanted to visit them. It's been 3years since she last went.  We are combining it with a visit to my friend Kathryn who lives in South Kirby, Yorkshire.
I am also going to meet Michelle (happy 2 craft) on the Sunday, we have never meet but e-mail regularly and I thought it would be lovely to meet seeing how I was going to be staying only a few miles from her and it was on our way home.

Well that's all for now, I will be back on Monday.

Have a good weekend.

Hazel xxx


Good afternoon everyone.  You know something I could really get use to this having all day to myself.   Retirement I will see by the end of two weeks.    Don't know if husband would like that. Not that he sends me out to work, no could he put up with me being at home all day ever day???   I have always worked even when our three were little and we were posted somewhere that finding a little part time job was possible I would work, I have even worked with a friend where she worked and I child minded her three girls.   So we will see.

Now Patricia suggested that I showed the base board of Derek's beer cake.   I have made it so he can put it on the wall above his computer table and have it as a keepsake.    So here it is.

I have just noticed that one of the little red disc has shifted, not a problem as they are not fixed down they are made from sugar craft so I have taken them off until the day before his birthday. Oh dear not good I now can see the record isn't centred, why do we not see these things until we are looking at it while we type up our blogs - haaaaaaa.  Never mind it's only to show you what I did it will all be right on the night as they say.

Off to do some ironing, don't mind doing the ironing I just hate having to put it away.

Thank you for your comments on Derek's beer cake, I am glad you all liked it, and again I hope I have given you and idea for that man who has everything.

Hazel xxx

Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Good afternoon, oh it is lovely being off and being able to do things when I want and not having to wait until I have had tea and tidied up.

Now one of our bloggers has been stamping her feet and making herself sick, (its that terrible Tarus birth sign, being one i know what its like). she just doesn't want to wait to see my finished project, so just for you Heather I have got it to a point that I can reveal what it is.        YES it's a BEER CAKE.     Another 50th one and he is so into his music, I was given a 7ins record, the little sugar craft discs and guitars and an a load of concert tickets photographed and sent to my iPad, with " Mum can you make Derek a beer cake please".  Yes it's for my  son- in-law.

Tammy has kindly said I could do it as a project to show it on my blog, also as Derek won't see my blog she has said it was ok to show it at this stage, there is just little bits to add and I will show that next month just before Derek's birthday.    So Heather and the rest of you here it is now.

 I can only fit in six beers but there is to be music master vouchers
Going in to, which Derek will be over the moon with - more concerts to go to.  He went to his first concert in 1978. That was Jethro Tull, he is still a big fan of him to this day.
 Oh I wish I could get my photos more closer together.  Never mind
At least you can see what I have done.  A lot of work but so worth it.
The record is a limited one out this year.Y

So folks that's what I have been up to.   Please feel free to leave comments on what you think of this one.   As I have said  there is a few little bits to add but they can't be done till next month.  

I am off out to see what I can get to put a gift order together in.  This is a wedding gift, and I have been given an idea of what is wanted.

Look forward to your comments, and thank you for all the lovely ones that you have already left.

Hazel xxx

Monday, 29 July 2013


Good evening every one, I hope you are all well, if not lots of Hugs for you.   I didn't think I would be able to have time to play with my project tonight, but my lovely kind husband ( only as he has helped) no he does put up with a lot.  Printed off things that I needed while I was over looking after our grandsons today. So a little more to get you wondering more of what I am up to.

Have a lot to glue on before the box will be finished, but just a little taste of what I am doing.

Well a very quick post had to make up a baby gift basket tonight as well, so I am now going just to sit with my feet up and have a cup of tea.

Thank you for all the lovely comments, and sorry for teasing you all by not saying what I am making.
I just hope it works out.

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 28 July 2013


Good evening folks.   What a day we have had weather wise here in Fife.  It has rained none stop since the early hours of this morning, with no let up.   I had to venture out in it with Harris. ( a dog needs his walk).  It was on with the walking trousers and boots, I don't do wellies so I just wear my walking boots. Couldn't stand having the waterproof jacket on so out came the big golf brolley  and off we went.

Now I have been busy with the next stage of my project, this is how far I have gotten.

I ended up going over to Patricia's (nearly a 100 mile round trip) to get her to die cut the lock and corners for me, the corners I could have done by hand but the lock was a no, no.  We had a good evening together and worked on bits together.  I even used her great glue that made a difference, I just have bog standard stuff , but hers was so much better.  She kindly gave me a pot to take away. 
It was actually really nice to have a catch up chat, we meet up on a Wednesday usually but with me having to work that's not possible, so all in all it was worth the trip.

Hopefully I will get the next stage done tomorrow, oh maybe not I am looking after my grandsons tomorrow so won't be back till late afternoon, it might be Tuesday.

Off to unload and reload the dishwasher, Derek, Tammy and the boys were here for tea.  have to get kitchen back to normal. I will finish here.  Thank you for popping in to see what I have done, and also thank you for your comments.

Hazel xxx

Friday, 26 July 2013


Good evening, I hope you are all well if not here's a (hug), and welcome to my new followers. Some of you have been here a while and I keep forgetting to say welcome.  I hope I have given you some ideas that you can use.
Things have been busy at work these last few days, the family were away at Ellie for 4 days so lots of washing and ironing to catch up with, mummy had the washing machine going as soon as they were back. That was out drying and now it's all ironed and on the spare bed to be re packed as they are off to their cottage in the borders for two weeks.   The cottage is at the Scottish end of the Pennines Way,  so they take the girls ponies and their own horses and most days will be spent riding, walking or biking.   So it's not a lot of dresses and posh clothes., but still a mix to cover good and bad weather, there is a washer dryer, but who wants to be washing every day, enough clothes so washing can be done every few days. It's the foot wear that has to be taken thank goodness they have a horse lorry and can pack things in to it.

Now I am going to show you a little bit of my next project, just a stage at a time.  So here's the start.
Starting with a box I have cut it down  to the  required size.
I will be using this one and others.

This project will take a while, so I will show the next stage in a day or two.  I don't want to rush it.  

Well I am off for the next two weeks, well I hope that's me off but I can see a phone call or two with "do you know where so and so is " or "did you pack something".  After 10 years I am use to it all.  Plus the girls like me to pack for them as I put in what I know they like wearing the best.

That's all for tonight, and thank you for all the lovely comments you leave. Sorry I am only putting the start of my project up, it's a wait and see what I am up to thing.

Have a good weekend.

Hazel xxx

Monday, 22 July 2013


Thank you for popping in and having a look at what I make, and for leaving your comments, I love reading them and I do appreciate them all.

Had to go along to work this morning to collect the keys for the Tack Room to get another set cut, daddy keeps going off to work with the house set in his pocket, so new set getting cut.   While there Nancy the cleaner gave me a bottle of hand wash and asked if I could make it look pretty as it was for her to take when she went to see an old lady that she cleaned for who has gone into a  nursing home.  She just wanted to take something that she knew the lady liked.   This is what I did with it.

The little guest towel is one that I bought when I was in Turkey, didn't know what I would use them for I just thought they were pretty.   It  just turns the bottle of hand wash into a gift.  Tried the two lengths of ribbon round at the one end just to finish it off.

Have been enjoying not doing much and thankfully it was a lot cooler here today, In fact  a cardigan was required when I was out.

That's it for tonight.   Hope none of you have had these thunder storms.

Hazel xxx

Saturday, 20 July 2013


Firstly I want to thank you all for your lovely comments on my challenge basket, I do appreciate them all.  As I said I don't know if I will ever make another one.   Now the one I will show you tonight is one that I don't think I will be asked again to make.

This was requested by a nanny friend.  It was for the new baby son of one of Kathleen's ex charges whom she still has a lot of contact with.   I had made a wedding gift for this person too, when he got married three years ago. This was the wedding gift, as you can see it had a top hat ice bucket as the centre piece.

The story behind all this, is when Kathleen was the nanny to this little boy (the one getting married) he often went about with little else on apart from a Top Hat, he would go no where without taking a packet of Party Ring Biscuits, he loved Sugar Mice and Rose and Violet chocolate creams.  Kathleen gave me a bag full of these things plus an ice bucket and said can you make a gift of these, now bear in mind I had not long started doing things other than my nappy cakes.  Yes it was a challenge and sorry the photo isn't that good but it was only for my record. It went down every well with the couple.

Then when baby was born again Kathleen handed me a bag. This time it contained a hat box with a child sized Top Hat and she asked me to make a baby gift with the hat as the holder of baby bits.
I did manage to put a sleep suit, vest and a bib in the middle topped it with the toy, so did try to get a from birth rabbit but failed.  Again both the parents were over the moon with this gift, as was Kathleen.    So you can see why I don't think I will be making another one of these.

That's all for tonight it's that warm I think I will just veg out on the sofa and do nothing.

Hazel xxx

Friday, 19 July 2013


Good evening I hope you are all well, and that this heat is not effecting you.    I popped into The Factory Shop today and I found this £3 white wicker basket.   I thought that it was a very good price as it is well made.  I didn't know if I would be able to use it, so I set myself a challenge to turn it into a baby gift basket.

After a little bit of thinking I came up with this!!!

I am really pleased with how it has turned out, I have selected a few bits to put in.

I wanted to keep this as plain as possible, so I clinged it up keeping the cling flat on the top and tight round the sides, and oh boy that was a nightmare to do.  I ended up binning two sheets of cling, made up my mind if the third time didn't work I would give up, now I am very stubborn and don't give up easily.

Sorry photo not good but it's the best I could get, the sun is so strong in the kitchen, but if I take the photo in the front of the house it's to dark.  It looks on a tilt but it's the way I took it to not cast a shadow on it.

Any way challenge over I don't know if I would do another one I will put it into stock and see what happens, you never know.   

I am off to do nothing but chill out, been a long week.  At least I am having a few days off as my family are away to Ellie, a little sea village on the coast not far from here. 

Thank you for all your lovely comments on the pendants.

Hazel xxx

Monday, 15 July 2013


Good evening, well the weather has been very hot here in Fife today, to hot to work but seeing how I had to. I decided that once the girls had finished their riding lesson that we would take a picnic and go to Letham park.  It's the park in the village were the girls go to school, it's a lovely park very clean no dogs allow so no watching where you walk.  (I own a dog and clean up after him) so why others can't do it!!!   Anyway we meet up with my younger daughter and my two grandsons and had a great afternoon.  There is lots of equipment for the children to play on, all  undamaged which is lovely.

Tonight I am just going to show a couple of our Pendants,  I know a lot of you will have seen what we do from Patricia's blog, but there is a few new followers since they were last shown so I thought  I'd show some of mine this time.  Patricia makes mainly hearts where as I like doing my teardrops, the photo was taken a while ago and a lot of these will have been sold, especially after Sue Wilson gave us a big mention earlier this year.  I did notice that she was wearing one when she was at The Papeterie in Aberdeen the other weekend, but she had beads on yesterday.

We now tend to make just a few at a time or to order, I have just finished making two for an order that went off in the post today.  I can't show you them as the person whom they were for hasn't even seen them.

Well off to have a cup of tea before I have to go and make up our bed, I totally striped it this morning matteress protectors included and left the matteresses to air (we have a super king bed) so I will enjoy climbing into my bed with its lovely clean, ironed bedding.  I usually do this every Sunday but I had other things to do yesterday. I wish I could have fresh bedding on every day, but I wouldn't be able to keep up with all the ironing.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on Olivia's cake and her cute little shoes.

Hazel xxx

Saturday, 13 July 2013


Good evening everyone.  Well Patricia, Kate and I had a lovely lunch and a very enjoyable afternoon, just sitting chatting and of course lots of laughing, thankfully we were sat away from the main part of the restaurant.   We ask to sit where it was quiet so we could chat, I bet the staff where thinking " they want quiet " why!!!  We had about three hours to catch up on all that had gone on since the last time, and have already planned for Patricia, Elaine and I to go up to Inverness for a meet up and lunch at the beginning of September.  We sure are getting our moneys worth out of our bus passes.

Tonight I can show you the nappy cake I made a few weeks ago but couldn't show it as baby Olivia hadn't been born.  Well she arrived on Wednesday safe and sound weighing in at 6lbs 12ozs. Tiny or what when you here off all these 10lb plus babies these days.

Now don't laugh at the size of the shoes, she will be at least a year before she fits them I think.  My younger daughter gave me all the things that had to go in the box and of course the shoes.

Had the usual problem here the lid keep  popping up so it was taped down.

As you can see it still wasn't sitting right, I would have had to take something out of the box so I just left it.

The photo makes the cling look lopsided but it was ok, I think it was how I took the photo.  

I took the cake and the cards that Patricia had made for her to Perth today, Tammy lives over there. so it fitted in with my day out. I was also able to see our two grandsons.  They have been away to Ayr for a few days, from the photos you would think they had been abroad, not just down the west coast.  So I had to listen to all that had gone on while away, so that was lovely.

Now thank you for all your lovely comment on my Doggie Raffle Prize and no I haven't won it back, they forgot to collect it, seemingly crossed wires between two of the helpers, so I will take it along to one of the rescue centres that are around here and they can raffle it or what ever.  Or I might just leave it in stock, I will see.

Would you believe it Tammy has just phone asking for a boy cake another friend has given birth to a 7lb little boy Harvey, gosh babies are like buses you wait ages for one and two come together, oh I'd better not speak to soon she has another friend who is due in the next week or so.

Well I am off to get my shower and put the old PJ's on and relax, I will make up the boy cake in the morning.

Have a good day tomorrow what ever you may be doing.

Hazel xxx

Friday, 12 July 2013


Good evening, well it's been one very hot day here.  To hot at times especially when I had to bake.  So far today I have had on my Nanny Hat, Taxi Driver one, Shopper one to and baker, decided it was to hot to walk the dogs this afternoon so I didn't put that hat on, all these for work not home.  Oh nearly forgot present maker.   Started at 7am again today and had it in my mind that once I had dropped the girls off at Pony Camp I would go back home and have some time to myself.  That all disappeared by 7.10am when Mummy asked if I could go get things for the picnic lunches for the weekend and also could I please do up 4 little gift baskets for the 4 helpers that were looking after the girls teams while they are at camp, they are all between the ages of 13-14 years old so I just got mini products that they can use if they go on sleep overs etc. as for the cake baking I did loads a couple of weeks ago and put it in the freezer but that's all gone, and more needed for the weekend.

Now I also volunteered to do up a raffle prize for a fun raiser at the Doggie Training School, this is were Moss the collie at work went to get sorted out and believe you me he needed it, so I feel a raffle prize was earned by them.

Just made up a doggie starter kit, as you can see I haven't made it into a puppy cake, keeping the cost down.  I also bought raffle tickets , be my luck to win the basket back. 

Well off to phone Patricia to see what colour she will be in tomorrow when we are meeting Kate (I love socks and cards) for lunch in Perth. We don't want to be looking like the Dolly Sisters!!! Do we.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my centre piece and glad you all could understand it, if you end up making one take a tube with you when you go to buy little gifts to put in them - try before you buy as they might be to big, and if there are to be children getting a gift put a coloured sticky dot on the ones they are to have.  The middle box takes a box of sweeties so more goodies to eat.

Hazel xxx

Thursday, 11 July 2013


Good evening everyone, I hope you have all had a good day what ever you have been doing.   I have had an easy day as both girls were at Pony Camp all day. Granted I had to be at work for 7am, to get them organised and to Camp for 8am.  Then I picked them up at 5pm.

Right for the centre piece you will need a box for the middle, a length of tubing (the inside of a roll of fabric you can usually get these for free), white craft felt, if you can buy it by the metre it's better,  a girls large hair elastic, ribbon and a cake board oh yes you will need to find something as a topper.
My box measured 8cm high by 16cm wide. But you could go as high as 10cm and 12-14cm wide. Of course the narrower box means less tubes.  I managed to fit 14 tubes round mine. I cut a circle of felt big enough to cover the lid and edge, and glued it on. Next you have the hard job of measuring and cutting the tubes, ( I find a really strong tube the best and it will last for many years) they have to be the same height as your box so carefully measure and mark I used a hacksaw to cut through the tube, a helpfull husband who will do this for you is good otherwise it's a sore arm.


Cut tube
Next you need to measure the  circumference of your tubes
Now measure out your felt using this measurement and 
For the height you have to at least make it double this is so you can twist the felt to pop into the tube, 
You need to cut a circle of felt for the base, keep it snug the tubes have to fit in tight. I find putting the felt round
the tube and sewing the edges together - a bit fiddly but makes a neat job.
The little felt bag.  Once you have covered all you tubes, that's all the hard work over.  Now you need to put it all together. Place your middle box on to your cake board, put your hair elastic round the box now slot the tubes in the hair band holds it altogether. Tie the ribbon of your choice round leaving the elastic in place don't try taking it away your ribbon will hide it. For mine I have used wire edged fancy Christmas ribbon, but you can use any ribbon.

    Pop you topper on and that's that, I am not good at this tutorials so won't be doing it again in a hurry.
    Hope you will be able to make one, sorry it's not that good but hey ho I am still learning.

    Thank you for calling by and leaving your comments.

    Hazel xxx

    Wednesday, 10 July 2013


    Good evening everyone, sorry I haven't been posting for a good few days, but between working full time, babysitting and having visitors I just didn't a minute to spare to plan what I would show you.  I tried to fit in quick looks at what you were up to while sitting having my breakfast. I would give the girls into trouble for reading while eating but they didn't see me. A case of what they don't see I can get away with.

    I know a lot of you don't agree with starting Christmas things early, but I really do need to think about making the bits that make up This Table Centre Piece as it takes me a while to cut and sew all the bits, as I do it all by hand.

    This piece came about some three years ago when Patricia and I did a craft fair at Glamis (not at the castle it's self but in the Main Street of the village).    A very nice lady stood looking at my beer cake and nappy cake that were on the display stand, then asked me if I would be able to make her a Christmas Table Centre  on the line of what I had done with the beer and nappy cakes. Now I love a challenge, we had a discussion as to what  she would like it do. She had a large family and felt that the Christmas table look cluttered when she got everything laid out and with the crackers it was to much, if I could do it so there were little pots or tubes that could be filled with either sweets or little gifts and if the pots/tubes could be detached so people could take one and see what they had got.  Well believe you me I was starting to think " what have I done saying I could try" as I said I like a challenge so I certainly was going to have one with this.   A lot of my ideas were binned and my patients was tried to its limit.

    This is what I came up with and it fulfilled the order and I have sold a few since then. It's  just time consuming, and that's something that I don't always have.

    Now I was going to tell you what I have used and how I put it together, but decided I will do that for a post tomorrow.  I don't mind showing you how to make it, as I think this is the nice thing about all your blogs you are so willing to share ideas.

    Thank you for all your lovely comments I do appreciate them all.
    Call in tomorrow if you would like to know how it's made.

    Hazel xxx

    Saturday, 6 July 2013


    Well our visitors are heading back to London.  They have to return their hired car to the centre of London by 4pm tomorrow, then out to Gatwick to get their flight home.  They didn't want to go we had to practically push them out the door, telling them its a long journey and you will need to stop for breaks.  Also find somewhere to stop over night.  I think they look at the map and say "that's not far".  Anyway they are already planing next years return trip.   It's Charlie's nephew and his girl friend who have been staying, both under 30 so it's been having young ones younger than our own staying, but a lovely couple who have fitted in with us all - makes it so much easier.

    I have just to show you Andrew  THE MINI AC/DC FAN that i showed in a scrapbook page. having his first drumming lesson, he is not 5 yet but if he has two pencils or sticks he has to drum.   Mummy decided it was something that had to be pursued, and found a  chap willing to take him on even if they don't usually take them until they are 7.   After today he says that he will be a treat to teach. 

    I think his face tells all!!!

    He had an hour of being in his element.  It's not going to cheap but like everything we will help out. That's what grand parents are for I think, and as for me I think we can't take our money with us so at least we see wee man getting his lessons.   We have four grand children but they all get treated the same. 

    Well that's it for now, I am babysitting Anna and Beth tonight, mummy and daddy don't go out that often so I dont mind, but I do mind that granny was to come up and do it but called off at the last moment.  

    Hazel xxx

    Friday, 5 July 2013


    Good evening.  Patricia has asked me to put a message up on my blog saying that she is having a big problem with her blog.  Nothing to do with her not changing to Bloglovin.   It appears her blog has been hacked, she will hopefully get this sorted out in the next day or two, so please bear with her she will be back.

    Thank you

    Hazel xxx

    Thursday, 4 July 2013


    Good evening everyone, I hope you have all had an enjoyable day doing things that you like doing.
    Thank you for all your lovely comments that you left about Harris and if course Beth, I do appreciate them all.

    Well my visitors are away taking in the sights of Edinburgh to day and don't expect to be back until late so I haven't had to cook for every one tonight. In fact I have enjoyed having my tea cooked for me, Charlie had it already for when I got in which was lovely. As we haven't been eating until very late by which time I can't be bothered eating, but they are only here for another two days then they head off back to drop there hired car in London then fly back to Canada.  They are already planning to come back next year but just to Scotland they have fallen in love with the place.

    Tonight I have a Girl Nappy Cake to show, I had to rush home this afternoon and put this together.  A frantic phone call from a lady that has had a cake before.  " Please can you make me a Girl Cake " her niece had just had her first baby and had said to her mum that she hope that auntie Margo was going to give her a Cake like her older sister had received when she had her little boy.   It didn't have to have lots in it just a basic one please was the instructions.   So in to the gift box went a little romper thing in pink, some pink socks and a little pink sun hat.  I had the 16 nappies round the outside and was  just getting it set up to photograph all the bits, when the phone went again - she is not doing disposable nappies doesn't like to fill the land fill up.  Change of plan and a white hooded towel was put round, muslin pulled over the top, three widths of ribbon tied round, toy popped in the middle. Took the photo of it at this stage and running out of time at a great rate. Just got it clinged up and tied with the matching thin ribbon when the door bell went. Margo was at the door to pick her cake up so she could get over to the hospital to deliver it.    Then I realised I hadn't photographed the contains or it all clinged up, to late cake was half way to Dundee, but this is what the cake looked like any way.

    I can't believe how quick I put this together, thank goodness I usually get a little bit more notice!!!
    I got a phone call at the back of 5 o'clock telling me mummy loved it, also baby is very cute but no name as they thought it was going to be a boy.  I only hope they haven't bought lots of blue things in hope.

    That's it for tonight off to relax back at work at 7.30 am and it will be here before I know it.

    Hazel xxx

    Monday, 1 July 2013

    IT'S MINE!!!

    Good evening all I hope you have had a good day what ever you may have been doing.   Thank you for taking time to look at my blog and leave all your lovely comments, I do appreciate them all.

    My visitors are away down to my daughters now, poor things left York this morning thinking that it wasn't that far to us.  They got a shock it doesn't look much on the map but as you know it is. They hit Edinburgh at tea time - nightmare.  They here about 7.30 very tired.

    Tonight I am just showing you a picture of our lab Harris.Oh he was very upset with me for changing is bed again,  I was wanting to take his Duvet cover to work to wash it in the horse stuff washing machine, but as you can see he wasn't wanting to let it go with the look of "it's mine and your are not having it"
    He is spoilt has a single Duvet with its own covers folded in four a placed on top of a big dog bed, I often don't even bother washing the covers and just bin them, especially in the winter and in bad weather.  I buy Ikea ones at £1.99  or i get cast off ones from friends and feel its not worth the trouble of getting them dry. but seeing how it was a nice windy day I thought I'd wash this one as I said there is a washing machine at work for doing all the horse stuff which is great. I have enough dog hairs in mine from just off our clothes without 3-4 days worth off his bed,

    Poor thing he has had to put up with a lot going on last week and though he is laid back he was very unsure as to what was going on.  Even when I took him out for a nice long walk he still had a grumpy face on him as Beth said.
    But does Beth have room to talk???   

    Awaiting Anna to get ready.
    They were off for a lesson and I had a whole hour to myself , NOT.  A pile of ironing was needing done.

    That's it for tonight.

    Hazel xxx