Saturday, 8 June 2013



Good morning and thank you for all your lovely comments yesterday on my Bath Room Basket.

Today as promise if I got my blog up and running I would show you what was inside the Beer Cake.
Well here it is nothing exciting, but Roddy who received the cake loved the whole thing.  Even put it up on Facebook.   Just hope I don't get phone calls asking to make others like it,  don't get wrong I loved doing it but its time consuming.  Plus I have so many nappy cake and baby baskets on order between now and September.  
Any way enough waffle.

Told you -  nothing exciting.    I used a 14in. by 1/2 in deep cake board covered with the wall effect paper, a small tin for the sweets and 8 small beers round that.   Only small tins work.    The cake was finished off and wrapped in cling and tied with tartan ribbon.

That's it hope you were not to disappointed with the inside, I often do these for retirement gifts and the tin holds collected money, which is much better than SWEETS.


  1. Well Hazel. Mystery revealed, what goes into the Beer Cake. How lovely. Great idea and well executed. Great to have you posting and getting photos up and nice to have you back from holiday.

    Wilma x x

  2. Such a unique gift. No wonder it was so well appreciated! Hope you haven't got the post holiday blues Hazel! Christine x

  3. How fabulous Hazel. Your very artistic and I am looking forward to seeing more of your makes. Enjoy your Day. Hugs Rita xxxxx

  4. Your Beer Cake I'd a fantastic gift idea, and presented so brilliantly. Wish I was nearby could do with one for a 60th coming up.
    Have a great day Hazel, Kate x

  5. Welcome back Hazel, now you are up and running I will get to enjoy your fab makes. Cannot imagine a nappy cake. This one is stunning. Relax and enjoy being here. xx Flora

  6. Hi Hazel. Thanks for the reveal as I had wondered what was under the cows! Look forward to seeing the nappy cakes. A girl I know makes them in the shape of prams and cots and I have no idea how she does it. x

  7. Glad you have managed to get your Blog sorted Sis.
    Will be great for others to see the wonderful things you manage to do.

    Patricia xxx

  8. Hi Hazel, Came over from Patricia... following you as to keep up with your fabulous makes...Your beer cake is amazing... Hugs May x x x

  9. Hi Hazel,
    it's me again. Playing catch up with your blog. Now your back home. Love this idea fabulous ideas you have for your baskets.
    I can see why he showed it on Facebook.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.