Sunday, 30 June 2013


Good evening, well I don't know what has happened to the day, it has been dull, sunny, then light rain  and now it's windy and the temp has dropped again, but then again I wouldn't want the heat that parts of America are having right now.
Now for those who commented on my New Puppy Gift and wanted to see pictures of the said puppy, I haven't had the time to go and look through the photos on the hard drive of the big computer.  Husband had to get a new computer a while ago and downloaded and backed up everything before setting up the new one, and goodness knows what he was thinking because where the photos of every basket, cake or gift I made where in a file I now find they are mixed up.  So I will have to sit down at the big computer and have a look, I had to do that to find the one of the puppy gift and also the one for tonight, I took them off together yesterday.

Tonight I am hoping my neighbour will be at home and be able to help me get my bloglovin widget  in place. I have tried and tried and I can't get it in place.  I am useless at these things and I am not going to get my BP up again like I did when I was trying to set up my blog.

Anyway my " NEW GRAND PARENT BAG " came about when my eldest daughter ask me to make a give for  a lady in the office who had just become a Granny for the first time, we decided that a bag filled with things that she might need if she was having baby to stay at her home.  Now being often in that situation when the family come for the day and the cry goes out " oh no I have forgotten to put more nappies in the baby bag, or no nappy sacks to no wipes". I always have these in stock so no problem in this house.

Any way in the bag I put some nappies of two different sizes, wipes, nappy sacks, a baby wash product, nappy cream,  a bib, blanket, two spoons, baby cup and a toy.  Now I have started putting in a small sized baby bottle.   The bag it's self has two long handles so it can be hung on a hook in a cupboard.     The reason I put spoons and a cup in was that little ones don't usually like metal spoons and have you ever tried giving them a drink out of an ordinary cup - the mess is terrible.

Well that's all for tonight. I have done all my house from top to bottom, made tea for tomorrow night and now I am off to do the ironing.  Then maybe I can put my feet up, my visitors are arriving in the afternoon tomorrow so I can't see myself being able to put my feet up for a few days, plus I am now working full time as the girls are off on holiday.  

Hazel xxx

Saturday, 29 June 2013


Good evening,  I hope you are all well and for those of you who are Wimbledon fans I hope you are enjoying it so far.
Thank you for all your comments on my Simple Little Bucket.
Tonight I have gone back into my photos and found this one of my New Puppy Gift that I was asked to make.   The couple who were receiving it didn't have children but loved their dogs.  They were awaiting the day when their new puppy could come home, and their friend thought they would love this gift mainly because it was like the arrival of a new baby.

I took a gift box and wrapped the doggy blanket round the outside and used the lead instead of ribbon.  In the box I put a collar, water/food bowl, a towel, treats, rope toy and a toy that treats can be hidden in - lots of time spent trying to get them out.    I did it up in cling and tied it with cord that had a whistle on it.  All useful things for that new pup.

As for the work being done with the electric cable, thankfully it stayed dry the whole day, other wise my living room and stair carpets would have been in a right mess as the men were in and out all the day, they did put covers down but they moved as the day went on with all the walking on them.  Harris our lab was not over impressed with it all, he is so laid back but the noise got to him.  Our walls of the cottage are 18ins thick so lots of drilling to get through so the cable could be fed through.
But it's all done,  the cupboards have been put back and tomorrow I will have to go for top to bottom doing house work we have visitors from Canada arriving Monday lunch time and I am at work all day from 7.30 it's going to be fun. Thankfully Charlie is very good at helping and doing cooking etc.

That's all for tonight, and thank you for having a look at my page.

Hazel xxx

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Good evening to you all, I do hope you have had a good day.  If not here's a HUG.
Thank you all for all your lovely comment on my scrap book page.

I can't believe it's Wednesday already, before we know it, it will be Friday and our schools will finish for the summer holidays.

Tonight I have my Simple Little Buckets to show you. Unfortunately when I last made one of these I didn't photograph the pink one done up in its cling, so I am showing a blue one that I had done the opposite - I photographed it clinged but not what was in it, I have to remember to photograph things at each stage.   They are a very simple gift that is very inexpensive., the buckets where from Tesco two Easters ago and I just thought they would make a good gift holder. I think they were something like 50p after Easter was over, but they don't have Happy Easter or anything on them, and to put bath products in them works well, but often people will ask me to put other little bits in.


That's it for tonight .  I have to go and clear my understairs and top landing cupboards as I have workmen coming tomorrow to put new electric cables into our house, and our fuse box is at the top of the stairs in the cupboard. So they are going under the hall floor into the understairs cupboard then up into the top cupboard with the cable. They did just want to run it up the the edge of the stairs, but got told no way, why would we put up with that. 
Anyway I'd better go and get busy, no elves or magic fairies here to help.

Hazel xxx

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Good evening every one. I hope you have all had a good day what ever you have been doing, and if not I send you a HUG.

I didn't post last night as I had a very busy day, infact I have had a busy two days. I have binned five and half very large bags of paper rubbish belonging to the girls. Why oh why won't children part with  paintings that you cant even tell what it is meant to be, and just bits of paper. It's been in boxes in their daddy study, so I was given permission to sort it out and bin.  So of course I will be the bad one if they find out.  But seeing its been their for over 2years and they have never looked at it, I don't think they will notice it's gone.

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my "Boy Nappy Cake".  In answer to some of the questions. Yes what goes into the gift box is endless as long as it is small enough to fit in, I have had mums who don't want to open their cakes as it would be gone and all that will be left is the box and board.  Now the box can hold so many memories starting with the little name bands, baby cards and even a photo of the said cake.  The cake board itself can be kept and that first birthday cake can be placed on it, and yes if it's a little girl that has received the cake all the hair bands I put round each nappy to keep it rolled tight and the ribbons that are tied round it can be kept in hope that one day she will have long hair that can be tied up using these.

Wimbledon started on Monday as you know, but 7years ago it started on the 26th. The reason I remember this is because our first grand daughter was born that day.   It wasn't a great start as there was only an hours play as it rained so much, but on that day our world was filled with sunshine as this little bundle was born.

So tomorrow this tiny little one will be 7 years old, where has that time gone???

Ang. The Duck Doodahs (Tales from a happy crafter) mentioned the other day, how when she started card making she didn't have all the dies etc. that she has now yet she managed to make beautiful cards.  When I got this page out of Rebecca's book I thought of how at that time I had just started months before scrap booking and hadn't any of the papers etc. that I have now, yet I still love this page.   It's not fancy or does it have lots of embellishments but I think it tells just how much her mummy loved her.

That's it for now, thank you for calling by.

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 23 June 2013


Good evening I hope you have all had a good weekend.  If like us and your weather has been terrible I hope you have managed to do some crafting while having to stay indoors.   I was baby sitting for our two grandsons last night,  they are no trouble, they know not to play granny up.   We watched Ice Age 2 Andrew loves this film.   I never seem to sit down long enough to watch a whole DVD these days so it was lovely sitting on the sofa with Andrew snuggled up beside me.

I have a Nappy Cake to show you.  This is for stock as I have got a few orders waiting for the babies too arrive, so I decided to do one ready to go. Had a problem with the nappies as the new packet seems that nappies are slightly smaller than before, but hey ho they are designed to do up to 13lbs so they will have to do. I just wish they wouldn't keep changing them.
Any way in this cake I have put in.
18 size 2 nappies
2 wash products
1 sleep suit
1 vest.                                    
1 bib
2 pairs scratch mitts
2 pairs socks

As you will see by the photographs the nappies are round the outside of the gift box, which is placed onto a 15in cake board. I then put a Muslin nappy folded in four over the box and nappies, I tie three different thicknesses of different ribbons, place the teddy in the middle then wrap it up in cling, tie the pulled up cling with thin satin ribbon give the cling a hair cut as I say (hate to see lots of bunched up cling being left) and that's it.

Sorry the middle picture shows the top of the cake lumpy I did sort all this, the box lid ended up 
being taped down and the muslin pulled tight, but guess who forgot to retake the photo yes ME.

To late but it is flatter now.

That's it for tonight. Need an early night this getting to bed at gone 1o'clock is no good, getting to old.

Hazel xxx

Friday, 21 June 2013


Good morning everyone thanking you for calling in.  I do enjoy reading all your comments on my baskets and if I have given you some ideas how to turn something simple into a gift that is different then all the better.
Today it's a basket of goodies and as the name states it should be "A GOOD NIGHT IN".  And if you are caught with one of the face masks on well someone will get a good laugh.     I made one of these up a few years ago for a friend of my daughter who kept telling her that her ideal good night in would     be to run herself a bath get in and soak, put a face mask on, drink a glass of wine eat some yummy chocolates and forget about everything that was going on around her.    She loved her basket.   I have made a good few since.   Now I have made two. One for grandsons head of the nursery teacher and the other one is for big grandsons teacher, so when they finish on Friday for the summer they can just do what the basket is designed for, and let all that stress go.

It's a very simple basket an note you won't get hopefully to drunk on the two small bottles of wine or put on loads of weight with the few chocolates, but maybe the face masks will take the stress lines from the face.
That's it for today, I won't be posting again until Monday I have got a busy weekend.

Hazel xxx

Thursday, 20 June 2013


Good evening doing my blog this evening as I don't know if I will have time in the morning and my date and clock are not set right to schedule will have to work on that.
These are the six little baskets I was asked to do for teachers gifts.  The request was for a little basket with some mini products please - ones that can be useful if the teacher receiving it is going away on holiday. So that's what I did.  

Face wipes,                                              
Shower gel.
Small face cream, hand cream or lip balm.

All clinged up, tied with three lengths of satin ribbon and ready to go.   Now I have another order for three other teachers gifts to do.

By the way Anna and Beth's mummy is feeling a little bit better, thought I'd have to tie her to a chair this morning to stop her over doing things as I said she doesn't know the words Do Nothing. But she gave in and did as she was told.  DOCTORS they are the worst patients.

Thank you for all your lovely comments.

Hazel xxx

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Just a quick post today as I have an order for six of my little baskets to get finished by lunch time today.  That's on top of going to work, so it will be take girls to school and dogs for there walk, then a quick tidy up of the girls rooms, as I can't see a miracle happening over night or the elves helping out.   Why any one could sleep in a room with so much on the floor I will never know.

I have just a boy basket like the one I did for Katie Mary-Jane to show.

I made this one up quickly so that my daughter could take it away with her and deliver it the next day as it was for a new baby in Perth.  It wasn't till later in the evening that I remembered I hadn't taken the photograph of it all clinged up, thankfully daughter has an iPad so she took the photo then messaged it to me, I must remember to do this stage photograph.

Well it's time to get ready for work, not starting till 8 o'clock mummy fell of her horse on Friday night and is suffering very bad concussion so she is not at work. She is not allowed to drive and is meant to be doing NOTHING I did ask her if she knew what that meant!!

Thank you for your comments.

Hazel xxx

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Oh my goodness it's Wednesday already and half way through the week nearly. Where has the last two days gone.  For us up here in Scotland the school holidays begin at the end of next week.  That means I have to work from 7.30 - until what ever time usually 6.30/6.45 Monday to Friday.  I have a few hours to myself each day when they are at school, so the long working week will start 12 o'clock next Friday lunch time.     So for all of you who look after either your own children or your grandchildren and live in Scotland I know how it feels to think they are off for 8 weeks.   Those who live in England or else where you still have a few more weeks before it happens.

Today I am showing you the little Hessian Bags that we sell and I use to make gifts.  I have one for a baby girl, this makes a reasonable price gift.  But it has endless uses.  The other one is a ladies one, these sell really well. The dangle and the felt broach are made by, Patricia (Summerhouse crafts). Again you could just leave it plain or add your own embellishments.

Thank you again for all your lovely comments I read them all and do appreciate them all.

I do hope that I have given you ideas for those gifts we all have to make at some point.  I love to take basic products and items and turn them into some special.

That's it for today, enjoy it what ever your are doing.

Hazel xxx

Monday, 17 June 2013


Good morning, I hope you all had a good day yesterday.  We were lucky enough to have a lovely warm sunny day here, so the girls school sports day was able to go ahead.   A good day was had by all and thankfully no tears.   I do hate when children cannot except that they can't win all the time.

Today I have the other basket that I had to make at the weekend.  It was for a friend of the person who placed the order.  She knew what she wanted which was great, I do like when people know what  they want.   She asked for a simple basket of No 7. Cleansing Products, no problem I like using these products.   This is what I made.

I use a rectangle basket, at the bottom I put two packets of cleansing pads,then a small hand towel,the three products, wrapped it in the cling and tied three lengths of organza ribbon and placed a small rosé bud into the bow. Now I am just waiting for it to be collected.

That's it for today.  Thank you again for all your lovely comments.

Sunday, 16 June 2013


Good morning, I hope you all had a good day yesterday.   I had the job of helping my 8 year old grandson make his Zombie costume for the end of term Rocky Horror Show.  Oh didn't Calum have fun making his costume dirty etc.  it's funny when you want children to stay clean they get dirty, when you want to get something dirty it stays clean.  We ended up making up some mud and rubbing it in.      Thank goodness I don't have to do his make up. The school are doing that.

Today I am showing two little Potato Sacks that Calum's God Mother gave the boys, she had purchased them at a school fete, I just think someone had put a lot of work into these Sacks.

 Aren't they very cute they measure 8ins x 6ins.  It's all the work that's been put into something so simple.  They came with 4seed potatoes and instruction how to grow them.  Unfortunately  Grandad said the potatoes were passed their best. Its a pity as the boys so wanted to come over and help Grandad plant them.  I will look at an old potato sack in a different light from now on.

That's it for today.  Thank you for all your lovely comments, I do appreciate them all.

Have a good day, I have to go to the school sports day this afternoon, ( but you won't see me in any of the races) been there, done it, and worn the tee-shirt in the past.  I will that the young ones have the fun.

Hazel xxx

Saturday, 15 June 2013


Good morning all,  yet again yesterday was not that nice a day here.  That cold in the afternoon I needed to put on a thicker cardigan, I did think that just maybe just we would get some warmer weather.   I can see the summer clothes going away and the winter woolies being back out.

Today I have a basket to show you.   This was an order from the department that Anna and Beth's  mummy is part of and is for a member who is leaving after 15 years to go to a new job.   She is a single mum who puts her children and her home before herself, so I was asked to do a basket of products that she wouldn't dream of spending money on, she is also receiving a very generous amount in gift vouchers that  she can only spend on herself too.

I decided to do hair products, as I think if your hair feels good you do to.  The Wicker Basket has Charles Worthington  Salon at Home range of  Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Booster Mouse.  I have also put a bigger than a normal hand towel in dark plum, a fuchsia pink flannel and a cream one just to add a bit of colour ( the fuchsia pink looks red unfortunately).   Wrapped it in cling then I have tied three lengths of organza ribbon in silver  and a pinky purple colour round it and popped a purple rose hair clip in to the bow.

So here's hoping I have chosen the right kind of things.  I just feel that she wouldn't spend her money on these products as they are expensive when you are watching the pennies. - well I know that's me any way.   I will have to wait on the feed back from the department on Monday.  I can always do another if not.

That's it for today.  Thank you once again for all your lovely comments.

Hazel xxx

Friday, 14 June 2013


Good morning, I hope you all had a good day yesterday no matter what you did.  It started really bright and sunny here but by 1o'clock it was back to the standard dull and cloudy weather that we seem to getting more and more here.  Well I can report that all the rockets launched well, who would have thought a 2litre plastic drinks bottle half filled with water, air pumped into it from a pump that one would use to blow up a paddling pool could launch the bottle to over 10 metres in some cases.  They all seemed to have enjoyed their two days.

I haven't made a basket or scrap booked a page for today, but thought you might like to see Victoria whom I won over on Rita's blog ( RMG Creations) in her new setting.

Isn't she just gorgeous, she didn't fit in the tea cup of my Victorian tea set so she now sits in the sugar bowl, but she seems to be very happy.  I tried to photograph her in the glass cabinet but the light was all wrong.    She will be treasured, but I will also have to watch that she doesn't go walk abouts, Anna  fell in love with her.  For some reason Anna loves little things and as you can see Victoria is small and perfectly formed.  I have told Anna she can see her when ever she comes to mine.

That's all for today.  Have got two orders to make up today so I will show one of them tomorrow.
Thank you for calling by and leaving all your lovely comments I do appreciate them all.

Have a good day.

Hazel xxxxx

Thursday, 13 June 2013


Well folks I hope today turns out as nice as yesterday, it was beautiful here and lovely and warm.  Just what we are all needing.    I am back on the St Andrews run again this morning then will go back in the afternoon to see the launch of the rockets, Anna enjoyed herself, they got to talk to an astronaut  and a rocket scientist which she loved so on the whole I think they must have had a good day.

Today I have another scrapbook page of Andrew in which the photograph was taken about a week after the AC/ DC one but as you can see he is acting like a little boy.   He had got these glasses off a  Mr Tumble magazine and asked me if he could take a photo of himself  with my iPad I didn't mind but had to laugh when he showed me it.  Then he wanted to send it to his mummy which I gave the go ahead too, but next he had sent it to all those on my message list, at least he made them smile.

Needless to say I just had to scrap book it.  It's rather cheeky and cute at the same time, but he was so proud of  himself  and said " this is ME and I took it MYSELF". So that's where the title came from.
I hope he has brightened up your day, he is always smiling and just makes you laugh at the little things he does.

Have a good day. And thank you for your lovely comments on my Weening Basket.

Hazel xxxxx

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Good morning and thank you for all your lovely comments on my little AC/DC Fan.

I still can't show you the nappy cake, but this is a gift the customer asked me to make for her 6 month old little grand daughter that she was going to see over in New Zealand.    I thought this would be ideal as she would just be starting on solid food. Plus again it was a light weight basket.

This photo shows what went to the basket:-

I wrapped a fleece blanket round the basket, placed a muslin over the lid, tied it with three widths of ribbon, put a teddy on the top. I placed the basket on to a 12in x 1/2 in square cake board.  I can't show you it all done up in the cling as it didn't photograph very well.  I tied the cling up with the matching thin pink ribbon.

Granny was very pleased with her basket and the contents.  I am always glad that I have made the right choice.   That's all for today.   Off to St.Andrews this morning to take Anna to Space School armed with what I would call junk, but they are going to be making a rocket that will be launched tomorrow.  That should be fun to watch, oh the joys of being a Nanny.

Hazel xxx

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


A C / D C  Little Fan

This is a scrap book page I just had to do. It's of my little four and half year old grandson Andrew
He just loves ROCK Music and has his own MP3 player loaded with it.
His mum found this t-shirt in next and just knew she had to buy it for him, and this was his reaction.

As you can see he just loved it.  I think he even went to bed with it on. His mum was in two  minds if to get the next size up to put away. She might have even done it.

Sorry photograph still not great I think I will have to next time put it to the big computer than back on to my iPad once I have crop it etc.

Again I cannot tell where things are from everything has been in my craft stash for a good few years, in fact I had forgotten I had so much until I went looking for some red papers.  At least it's getting used.     I will take that all back.  It's looks like the papers were from a pad of DCWV papers, the letters are mini monogram stickers by Basicgrey which I know I bought at the Hobby Craft Show Glasgow years ago. It does help if one looks at what's written on the front covers of things.

I have a nappy cake all photographed ready to show but feel I can't put it up as the baby is not here yet.   I am a bit old fashioned and don't think one should take things for granted. It's bad enough that I get told its going to be boy/girl and even what's its name is weeks before its due - I like the surprise route better.

Anyway thank you for calling by and leaving all your lovely comments and very helpfull tips.  I am all for people who have been doing things for a long while to give me help, as I said I am still learning.

Hazel xxx

Monday, 10 June 2013


Good morning every one I hope you all had a good day yesterday.   Thank you for all your lovely comments on my basket yesterday, I do appreciate all your  feed back.    Today I thought I would
show something different, also just letting you see I do use paper, ribbon and other bits.  I did do this page a few years ago.      I must get back into scrap booking.

Oh I think I am going to go on a learning curve again and learn how to show my scrap book pages .
Never mind I will practise.   Anyway I can't tell what papers I used, I know Patricia gave me the hat shapes and I put them on my papers and cut round them, ribbon will have been from my stash along with the little bows , gems and lace.
That's it for today and thank you for stopping by.  Have a lovely day what ever you may be doing.

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 9 June 2013


Good morning everyone, hope you are all well.  Thank you for all your lovely comments on the
inside of my beer cake - told you it was nothing exciting, but find the beers go down well.

This was gift basket I was asked by my neighbour for her new niece.    She needed a basket that was not heavy and could go in her case as it has to go to France with her when she goes to visit.

Thought this would fit the bill.  I have kept it as light in weight as possible,

What's in the Basket:-
A small towel
Bib and Burp cloth
Frilly Pants
2pairs of socks
A Baby Powder Scented Candle
From Birth Toy

All ready to go off to France.  

Hazel xxx

Saturday, 8 June 2013



Good morning and thank you for all your lovely comments yesterday on my Bath Room Basket.

Today as promise if I got my blog up and running I would show you what was inside the Beer Cake.
Well here it is nothing exciting, but Roddy who received the cake loved the whole thing.  Even put it up on Facebook.   Just hope I don't get phone calls asking to make others like it,  don't get wrong I loved doing it but its time consuming.  Plus I have so many nappy cake and baby baskets on order between now and September.  
Any way enough waffle.

Told you -  nothing exciting.    I used a 14in. by 1/2 in deep cake board covered with the wall effect paper, a small tin for the sweets and 8 small beers round that.   Only small tins work.    The cake was finished off and wrapped in cling and tied with tartan ribbon.

That's it hope you were not to disappointed with the inside, I often do these for retirement gifts and the tin holds collected money, which is much better than SWEETS.

Bath Room Basket

                                                        BATH ROOM BASKET

Well folks I am giving this a try once again, showing you a basket I made for a young girl who was
moving into her first flat and had mentioned that it was "a boring white room".   The basket is the pale blue
colour of the top flannel and has white spots on it.  Next I placed a Teal coloured Bath towel in the base, topped thatwith
a teal hand towel, then placed the pale blue and white flannels on top of that.    The four products are by Baylis &Harding
I love this new range it's  Sugar Cane, Basil & Lime, thought this would be good for a young person.

I did it up in cling ( must remember and take photo of this stage). Tied it with three lengths of ribbon in the teal,pale blue and white.

Well I am hopeing this will work and will post.

Thank you for all your lovely comments and encouragement you have given me to get this blog up and running.

Hazel xxx