Friday, 24 May 2013

beer Cake

Hopefully it's a Beer Cake

Sorry photo has disappeared will try again


Well don't ask me how I did this but here is the finished CAKE.   You have had to wait long enough for me show it. I was hoping to show the inside first but no I couldn't get picture to load.

The Ingredients for the Cake

A tin of retro type sweetie
8 Stumpy tins of beer

Hope you like it, thank you for being patient.


  1. Ooops no picture but I see the follower's list has been added and I am no 3!! Good luck with the picture, Susan x


    1. Having problems with Picasa, so I am off to Patricia's this morning with the said cake so she can take photo with her camera and put it up on her blog. Have to get help sorting problem out and I have so much to do with going on holiday on Friday. Have to make sure everything Is upto date at work too first.
      Thank you for becoming a follower.


  2. Well, the ingredients sound good.
    I had the same issues when I tried to post from my phone without installing the Blogger app so now, anything with pictures, I do from my laptop and that came with its own challenges. Stick with it gal, your'e nearly there and I've just joined your merry band.
    Take care
    Ang x

  3. Just realised Hazel, you have got more followers than me and you haven't posted a picture yet..............hahahahahahahahaha that's made me howl with laughter.
    Good on yer kid !!!
    Ang x

  4. Hello Hazel. Don't worry about the picture, I think we all had problems when we started out blogging. I for one certainly did. Rome was not built in a day remember. Take your time lass. Hugs Rita xx