Saturday, 25 May 2013

Thank You

Good morning, and isn't it a beautiful one at that and looks like it's going to be warm again. Well as you know I had to do a round trip of nearly 100 miles to take my Beer Cake to Patricia's to get her to take a photo to put it up on her blog. But it was a lovely run across and we had a lovely lunch sitting out in the garden. Well I can tell you the blood pressure was nearly through the roof this morning all because I stupidly Put the wrong ID code in to my iPad. Oh boy the more I tried the more I got in a twist. Brain dead or What that was me. With any luck John our neighbour will get my blog sorted out for me this afternoon. Been over to Patricia's blog and seen all your lovely comments. THANK YOU it's lovely to get feed back On what one does. Well I am off to play with a basket and some different products to make a gift for the 18 year old daughter of the man who will receive the Beer Cake. Daddy and daughter are having a joint party. Hazel xxx

Friday, 24 May 2013

beer Cake

Hopefully it's a Beer Cake

Sorry photo has disappeared will try again


Well don't ask me how I did this but here is the finished CAKE.   You have had to wait long enough for me show it. I was hoping to show the inside first but no I couldn't get picture to load.

The Ingredients for the Cake

A tin of retro type sweetie
8 Stumpy tins of beer

Hope you like it, thank you for being patient.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

No picture

Well talk about two steps forwards and three back that's me.   Can't work out how to get my photos into the right file to add to my blog.     Going enlist my neighbour to help as he is a computer man, but he isn't available until the weekend, so I will just have to be patient and oh I don't do that very well.
Then again I have got a few baby baskets and a nappy cake to get ready for collection.   So that has to come before sitting all evening trying to get photos moved over to my blog.
I just want again to say thank you to all of you for your comments and help.  Hopefully I will get there in the end.    Hope you all have a good day.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Little Gift Baskets

Good evening, well I was grey before I started all this but I am sure when I look in the mirror I will be white.  This is hard work I had a dashboard setting last night but it is no where to be seen tonight. But bear with me and I will try and find it so I can take the verification thing off.

These little baskets that I have put up are very popular as they make a great little inexpensive gift.  I usually get orders for these and am asked to put in these mini products, you can get four products plus a small brush or even a fancy nail file.

I will try and work out how I got this photo on here and tomorrow get my Beer Cake up.

Thank you for all the support.