Sunday, 29 December 2013


Well that's Christmas over and done with for another year!  I have got to say I didn't get stressed and it all came together without any problems,  it goes to show it's not worth it.  We had a quite one with Gillian our oldest coming for lunch, then on Boxing Day Christopher, Angela ad the girls popped in for just half an hour while they were on route to Angela's parents and Tammy, Derek and the boys came for a buffet tea which was lovely as no real work involved, then it was just back to the two of us. So a very enjoyable time.

Now I hope Santa was good to you, he left me some lovely things.  Husband bought me two dies, and my lovely big sister Patricia also gave me dies and an embossing folder so I have some new toys to play with and of course I did get my Grand Calibar before Christmas.   So last night I had a little play and made a few cards, this one I made for my friend Kathryn who is going in on Saturday for a 5 hour back operation so I decided to just let her know we will be thinking of her, and hope that after this she will be pain free.

I used a prefolded 5x5 card,  Tonic Square Laying die ( present from big sister) embossed with Dainty Dots folder, then cut Fluer delis large and medium dies, finished with an Astre flower ( die was one of my present from husband) had been using Patricia's  and a small label cut die,  I am pleased with how it's turned out, but know I have a long way to go.

Back to work tomorrow, another few days off would be lovely but I just think that if I am in looking after the girls ( not hard work really) mummy and daddy are doing clinics and a lot of people are being one step closer to finding out what's wrong or getting treatment sorted out. I know what waiting
for appointments is like.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out what I have been up to. I do love reading all comments.

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 22 December 2013


Good afternoon, I hope you are all well?  For those who are feeling a bit under the weather here are some ((((hugs)))).
This post is one to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.    Also to thank you for all your lovely comments and support since I started my blog earlier this year.

This is my box of   " XMAS  WISHES ".  It's full of  LIFE, LOVE, HEALTH, HAPPINESS and loads more.   The four main ones in my books are the ones I have mentioned, as without these life wouldn't be that nice.  So help yourself out of my box as there is plenty for everyone.

Enjoy your Christmas with friends and family and I will be back to see how you all are and all your wonderful creations in the New Year.   I finish work sometime tomorrow afternoon until next Monday so I am going to taking it easy.

Merry Christmas
Hazel xxx

Saturday, 14 December 2013


Well folks I don't know what your weather is like but oh boy here it's miserable, pouring with rain and very windy!!!   The type of day that you really just want to stay in.   Charlie and went out to get bits and we had lunch out, nothing posh just a bowl of soup for myself and Charlie had a toastie but it just got us out.

Thank you for all your lovely comment about my Birthday card, I will be making more, my fault is that I want  to spend loads of time playing with bits to see what I can do and to be honest at the moment I can 't spare that time, have made up three gifts today should have been six but I have got side tracked and then we were out as I said, but there is tomorrow.

I was asked if it was possible for me to make  bigger Oramgi boxes than the ones I have made from 12x12 card, so put the old brain to work and did these.

I have put one made from 12x12 next to one to show the difference in size, the big one is made from a 171/2x171/2  or 46x46 cms piece of card, the base of the box is 18 cm across.  Now these are for gifts to hand in to family's instead of just a box of  Roses or the likes also one is for a school staff room it's filled with 50 Mixed Lindt balls.   I kept them not to fussy.   They were loved by the lady who ordered them. It goes to show what you can do with the basic design.

Well I suppose I'd better go and see if I can get another couple of these gifts made up.   I haven't started doing any parcel wrapping for myself yet, or for the ones for Anna and Beth's teaching staff.

Yes I do those to. Girls have given me ideas what they would like and mummy pays for them, good job  I don't mind, we were going to give boxes that the girls made but seeing how all the children made them at school we put that idea to one side.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Hazel xxx

Friday, 13 December 2013


Good afternoon.  Firstly I want to welcome my new follower Victoria.  Also to thank everyone of you for your lovely comments and support, it's been all go here and I have had to work every day this week with 7.15 am starts which is fine as I get so much done when I go in at this time but oh boy I am tired by the time I get home at night, yes I get a couple of hours at home during the day, but I have my own house to see to.  The other thing that has been tiring is putting up with and 11 year old who has been as happy as "Larry" as they say one minute and very moody the next - oh the joys. Any way enough of that.

My card today is a birthday card that I had a go at making using up bits that were I my box.

I used a 5x5 card then just attached a small die cut square, a flower' ribbon and some pearls all from my stash and box of bits plus a peel off "Happy Birthday".  I am pleased with how it turned out.

I am beginning to enjoy playing about with card and bits to see what I can make and have made more Christmas cards to will show them another day.
That's it for today as I have to clear up the craft stuff that's lying by my chair so that I can get the Hoover out and do some house work.  Take care.  
Hazel xxx

Sunday, 8 December 2013


Where has the week gone?   It's Sunday afternoon and I will be back at work tomorrow before I know it.    I have been busy doing lots of little bits but thats time consuming, so I haven't had time to get something done for my blog, so instead I am showing these two out for a walk along the drive at work, girls love seeing them and it does make it feel more like Christmas.

Don't know what two they are but every day the team  get walked, I have got to say a couple of years ago when we had snow at this time seeing them was much more Christmasy.
The reindeer live at the animal park across the road from work, and next weekend they put on a ?Nativity Play on the Friday,  Saturday and Sunday all outside and with real animals, even baby Jesus is a proper baby - thankfully it's well wrapped up and cozy but it's a wonderful atmosphere and all for Charity. 
The Reindeer will be busy out and about with members of the Round Table going round the local area collecting for another charity.

I hope you are all well and not getting stressed about getting things done for Christmas, it's not worth it, relax and make the most of the time with your family and friends as you just do t know what's round the corner.     Thank you again for all your lovely words do encouragement .

Hazel xxx

Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Good morning, firstly sorry once again for the lack of posting and commenting.   Life has been busy here, I had orders to get ready for this week, working with the children at the school to finish their boxes and boxes of my own to make and finish plus my head was all over the place due to me having my check up at the hospital yesterday, thankfully I got another all is great, and that's me till the summer.  I felt ok but with all this pain from now having Polymalgia , you do start wondering if it's something else,  so slept better last night  I now can just get my finger out and get things done.
These Christmas cards are very simple and a little bit of cheating in there to, I was in Tesco and saw these packs of tree hangers and I thought they would be nice on a card and if  my friends want they can take the tree hanger off and use it for what it is.

The backing papers and card are extra bits left over from what I had cut for the children to use on their boxes, just couldn't see them going to waste, I just undid the ribbon straightened it with my hair straighteners that I use for ribbon and tied bows instead. 

Now for a little update on one of those Kittens - meet Oscar

 He loves checking out to see what's in cups I can see a few spills.
This him with Gillian's other cats they are all getting on Squeek the one on the right is 18 years old and he has bee so good with him even when the little monkey goes for his tail.

Well that's all for today I must try and tidy up the mess round my chair where I sit and craft, 
Thank you for all your lovely comments and again sorry if I have missed commenting on your blogs lately, hopefully I will get round them all in the next few days.  Take care and for those of you who are feeling a bit under the weather here's some ((((hugs)))) .

Hazel xxx

Monday, 25 November 2013


Yes a card from me! Now not something prefect but I was playing with my new toy embossing some card and die cutting a couple of lids for boxes when I looked at the bits lying in the pile along with the silver ribbon I'd taken out to use as well, when I thought ( that would be ok as a card). So this is it
Base card is 6x6 and the card is from Payperbox, had it for a few years. I embossed the next piece with a folder that Patricia let me borrow and then topped it with a piece cut from a 12x12 sheet of Silent Night card - this is beautiful card. Sorry for  using a peel off but have had them for years so at least I can say I have used one.  It's not up to any of your wonderful standards but I am pleased with myself for doing it. 

Now I have to get the lid bits cut for the school better not get side tracked again, as the school boxes need to be finished by next week.  
Thank you for again all your lovely comments on my baskets.   By the way Patricia and I had a good day out but oh boy we were tired by the time we had to go for the bus.  We have decided we are passed walking around the shops etc.  as for the show it was more a show for people  selling things for Christmas, I was hoping it was one where they would be showing putting gifts together and how to wrap gifts beautifully, but no just things to purchase - yes there was beautiful things, only bought a couple of things.

Anyway off to cut lids etc.  have a good afternoon.
Hazel xxx

Saturday, 23 November 2013


Good evening , a very cold day here, this haveing to defrost the cars is a bit of a pain. Patricia and I are off to a Christmas craft show in Glasgow tomorrow, we are going by bus, we are just as well to make use of our bus passes as we might not have them next year with all the cuts. We will both drive to Perth and park in the park and ride.   All I say is if you are out and about watch out for BLACK ICE. We have gone and put our winter tyres on just incase the snow comes at some near point.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my lovely family giving me my new toy early.  I have been playing I have used it to cut the lids for the childrens boxes.  Now I went all the way over to Perth ( a 50mile round trip) to show mums at Andrews nursery how to make a box , nursery had got 2 trainee play leaders down from the college to look after little ones that were not at nursery yet, tea and coffee laid no and would you believe it out of the six that signed up to do it not one turned up - yes they didn't come mainly because they were to play with their children who are at the nursery for 45 mins before hand, they go on about there is nothing for them to do and it's laid on and they can't be bothered. So Tammy her friend Sarah and I sat and made boxes.  Needless to say the head was not happy. Next week was to be first aid but that's been cancelled.    Also thank you for the comments on my hamper.

My cold is finely going thank goodness see trying to make up gift baskets with a nose that won't stop running not good.   Today I am showing 2 orders that I got while I was at the nursery so it was not a wasted trip in one way came way with 8 orders.
Products were one requested, makes my life so much easier.

Didn't make it Christmasy, just a nice gift.

Again products were requested, I did tie this one with ribbon that had joy written on it, this was requested that I put a ribbon that had something festive on it .

Two down six more to go. Tammy did say that there is word that when a couple of the other staff see these they are likely to order ones too. If that's the case I will be busy.  I have six bags to do and two small gift hampers by a week Wednesday.   Fun, fun, fun!!!

Well I am off to put my feet up, been over in Dundee this afternoon making boxes with my two little Granddaughters, Lauren is 31/2 and she knew what she wanted on her lids, just a few beads and a flower. Now big sister Rebecca she 7 and she put lots of bling on hers, but that children for you, we had fun mummy and daddy had some time Christmas shopping.
Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Hazel xxx

Monday, 18 November 2013


Good afternoon, I hope you are all well and not suffering from this nasty bug that is going around. If you are here's a ((hug )).   I have a cold I am sure it's from being at the school on Thursday helping the 8-11 year olds start making their origami boxes.  You know children they cough and sneeze all over you without a care.
Now this afternoon I am going to share with you what my very lovely husband, younger daughter and son-in-law bought me as an early Christmas present, I have not a be disappointed on Christmas when Santa hasn't left me anything.

Yes I now own a Grand Calibur, how lovely was that of them?  Patricia has lent me some dies and an embossing folder so that I can play.

I am hoping to find a bit of time tonight and cut out some squares that I can use on the boxes tomorrow that I am making with a few mums whose children go to nursery with Andrew my grandson.  

Oh boy I have to learn to say NO! I am doing the making of boxes with the mums, also working with the children at the school on Friday , plus doing other bits and making up lots of gift baskets and guess who forgot to photo them - yes me. I was so short of time and had to get ones made for Friday past, the fair  yesterday.  I had also a hamper to make up

All I can show is it finished.  A big thank you goes to my wonderful big sister Patricia for making all the beautiful bows that have gone on my gift baskets that needed a messy bow as I call them.  She keeps showing me her bow maker - do you think she is trying to tell me something??? 
I have just got my Grand ?Calibur after all this time, I will have to sweet talk Charlie to make me a bow maker.

Anyway I'd better go and show willing at work, I know there will be a pile of ironing as I left some last week as my arm was still not right, I have been back to doctors this morning and I have to go for another blood test ( just got rid of the bruise fro two weeks ago). Also have to stay on the steroids for two more weeks.  But on the whole I feel so much better.    Take what ever you are doing, and thank you for all your lovely comments.

Hazel xxx

Monday, 11 November 2013


Good afternoon, no I didn't get lost or left behind at the NEC.   I just don't know where time has gone.   Got in through the door on Saturday after returning from our trip to Birmingham, for  Charlie to tell me that I had just missed seeing our son and my two grand daughters and that it was ok as they were coming for lunch tomorrow (Sunday) and that Rebecca would like it if I would show her how to make an Oragami box.  Ok didn't mind that but oh I was so looking forward to an easy day.  Next Charlie then also adds and I have invited Gillian ( oldest daughter) for tea, as you can imagine I just saw my easy day disappear.  I love having them but oh boy I love having a day off also I remembered I had said to Gillian I would make boxes for her necklaces that she has been making for a charity craft night.  I knew she was hoping I would do some of them.

Any way Chris, Rebecca and little Lauren  came had lunch then we made boxes - Lauren is just 31/2 years but she wanted to make a box ( I DO ONE TOO!! ) was her.  Have got to say Rebecca made her with no trouble and daddy and Lauren made a lovely one to. Chris had his camera with him and was taking photos and I didn't.

My buys = 

As you can see my buys are more for making gifts and decorations, plus to bags. The little silk evening one is a Christmas gift. The other one is for myself.   All in all I had a fantastic couple of days the high light being the meeting of  Ang. (Mrs Duck) and Christine ( Christine's cards and craft)
I haven't had a night like that in a long time.

A couple of Gillian's necklaces and some of the boxes I have been making.  Some of the card for the boxes is from Lidl and the others are from Trimcraft Nordic Christmas and Silent Night Collection.  All lovely to work with. 

Oh bad me I meant to welcome my new follower Chris. Welcome to my little craft/ gift making blog, I hope I can give you some ideas . 

Well I suppose I'd better make a move and go to work. Note that I really can't wait to get going - not I could just sit here and do some crafting bits, but hey ho that is just not on the cards for today, it's cello and piano to night so will be lucky to be home before 6.45pm. 
Thank you for calling by and leaving lovely comments, I love getting them and reading them all.
Hazel xxx

Friday, 1 November 2013


Firstly thank you to everyone who as either sent me well wishes or have asked after me.  I am feeling better than I have done in the past couple of weeks. My cold cleared up but I was left with terrible sore joints and mussels, then to crown it all I got an inner ear infection.  I had bloods taken to see what's going on and tablets for the ear thing. ( other wise I am falling apart. ) plus old age is setting in.

As my title says More Of  The Same,  I had a call last week from one of the nurses at the Chemo Unit   Asking if I could make up a baby girl gift. Took along three for them to choose, and they decided between them the Nappy Cake. It turns out it's for one of the nurses whom I got to know last year and liked. She is expecting baby No 4 and another girl.  This is what I made this one up like.

Guess who forgot to photograph it clinged up?   The " it's a girl " ribbon is one of the reels I bought from Michaels.
I love these Yankee Candles this one is " Baby Powder " and is just how I loved the smell of my babies after there bath, I know today they say not to use it, but it never did mine any harm.

While I was at the Unit I also managed to sell a few gifts and Oragami boxes, so that's some more pennies into the charity fund.  

Well I'd better start thinking about getting back to work, then pick up the girls, they have to get their ponies ready for Hunting tomorrow, so there will be a few " oh do we have to" oh happy days.
Have a good weekend what ever you may be doing.

Hazel xxx

Friday, 25 October 2013


Good evening just a very quick post to let you know that Lidl have card in again. It's Christmas designs and is 24x34cm and has 30 sheets 10 of 250gsm, 10 of 120 gsm and 10 of 110 gsm. They have a few other craft bits but as you all know Lidl card is good value and good to work with.
As I said a very quick post, got back from Canada Wednesday morning at 6.30 no delays. I was back at work yesterday morning at 7.30am.  So I haven't had time to turn, washing nearly done but everything will have to wait now until Monday as we are off to Birmingham tomorrow until Sunday. Charlie has a reunion dinner plus we are visiting our friend Ann who has Parkinson's and isn't very good at the moment so we will spend a couple of hours before we get our flight home.

Thank you for following our travels we have loved reading all your lovely comments.

Hazel xxx

Monday, 21 October 2013


Good morning every one well that's our holiday just about over, the car is back to HETZ.  We are just waiting for them to explain how we were told at Calgary that the road side assistance was 10 dollars, to find when we hand it in here that's 10dollars a day. Of course it's nothing to do with them. But we questioned the cost as the  chap said no it will be 10 dollars, so we will wait and see. We did over 2,770 kms. Just a few miles. The weather has been really foggy so haven't been able to see much.  We have been visiting Charlie's family, some I have liked others not, it's  true the saying ( you can choose your friends but not family) today we meet up with his youngest niece who is expecting her first baby in January. This baby has cost a lot of dollars as it's an IVF baby.  No free goes here any way I made up a basket to give her she had her baby shower at the beginning of last week which we missed. They don't know what they are having so it's all in creams, white and lemon.

She just loved it. Now I know that hand knitted little jackets are not worn so much now a days but from her auntie I was told she wanted to find someone who could knit hence the two jackets.  She was over the moon with everything.  

Any way we are away out for tea, I will be back hopefully in Glasgow by 6.30am Wednesday.  
Hazel xxx

Friday, 18 October 2013


Good morning, and thank you for having a look at what we have done to day.  As my title says we say a real wild bear, since we started out on our journey we have been hoping to see a Bear, Elk or a Wolf.  On out way to Lake Louise we stop so I could take photos of a beautiful river on the way back to the car Charlie was telling me to look back down the road there was a wolf walking across the road but to far for me to catch on the iPad. Today Charlie sister and husband took us to the river as there had been sightings of 5 bears down there and yes across the river was a big brown Bear, gosh I was like a big kid took loads of photos but the sun was so bright you cant see him/her oh I was so gutted.
Our trip up here was one of those when you went in and out of fog, the higher up the mountain you drove the better the day was.  I have a photo which I took at the summit looking down on what should have been the sea, but instead it's a sea of fog.

This tree was in the garden across the road from Roberta's house and I just thought it was beautiful, we went up to the waterfall this afternoon saw huge salmon, it was something up at the fall. Then back for tea and just a lovely catch up, I message Roberta but have never meet her before to day but I felt I had meet her before.  We are there for breakfast before we head for the ferry back to the mainland.
I wish in a way we had more time to spend here, but sadly no.
I hope you all have a good weekend what ever you are doing, and that the weather isn't to bad.

Hazel xxx

Thursday, 17 October 2013


What have we done - answer not a lot. We just needed a day with no travelling, we went down to the old town and just wondered around.  Not being big ones for the shops we were happy just to walk around looking at some lovely buildings, reading all the history and who did what, they have plaques everywhere telling you, which is really great.  Came back to the hotel and just chilled, then tonight we went down to Fisherman's Wharf and had fish and chips at a floating restaurant, well Charlie had fish and chips I had the fish and a beautiful salad.  Oh yes our meal last night was fabulous, beautifully presented and very yummy, I had wild Salmon and Charlie Lobster, could have gone that again tonight but was expensive.  We went for a walk along the water front to watch the sun set.

Off up the island to visit another sister, Roberta is the one we have most to do with so we will spend as much time with her as we can. Thank you for again all your lovely comments.

Hazel xxx

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Well to think a week ago we were sat in Glasgow airport not knowing if we would get away that day or what.  Granted we have covered a fair few miles since then and taken in some wonderful scenery. We are now at the other side of the Rockies and it's so different, very green rich farm land.  So we have gone up some very steep 6% roads and down equally steep ones and when you have had a cold yours ears aren't half effected to the point I felt sick with the pressure.  But that's us on the flat now. We are off today to catch the ferry.  So far Charlie and I have loved every minute of this trip, glad we joined the (SKI club) spending kids inheritance according to Rita, and didn't leave it any longer. We visited one of Charlie's sisters on Monday, nearly didn't get to see her. Now Charlie was a land surveyor for nearly 40 years and would you believe it he wrote turn left down instead of right which over here with there every thing is in blocks can take you miles out of your way, thankfully after asking three different people we found a very helpfully lady - no we don't have GPS. Anyway we had a lovely catch up.
I made a complete mess up with my post that I was doing this morning, so forgive me I was having a senior moment.   We travel across by ferry to Victoria on the island stunning views and the weather was perfect.

Two and half hour crossing, it was really warm so we sat up on the top deck.  We are spending two days in Victoria then we are going further up the island, weather is meant to be good so we will do lots of walking. We went out for a look around and found a river walk two minutes from our hotel - good start.  Off to get some tea, we been told there is a lovely fish restaurant near by so we will go and see.  Thank you once again for all your lovely comments I am enjoying reading them at silly o'clock when I am in the wide awake club and Charlie is zzzzzing it.  I enjoy reading them regardless of the time.

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 13 October 2013


Good evening, I hope you all had a good day what ever you were up to.  Well I know Mrs Duck will have been up with the Larks  and glued to her T.V. Watching those cars go round and round, Ang I hope it was worth getting up early for.   We have had a lazy day, we set out to go up to Momaine Lake to have breakfast up there, set off on a a very slow 12 km drive up the mountain. Got there to discover the hotel had closed up for the winter, granted it was trying to snow while we were up there and the road is to be closed tonight for the winter.  Any way loads of people up there it was beautiful and so peaceful apart people talking.  I took loads of photos, I tell you what taking photos with my iPad is great as you can see what you are taking so easily.  

Just loved the reflections on the water

This one is for all who have wood burners just think of how long this lot would  last you???
As I said it was slow going up the mountain but it was scary coming down as I was at the side that went straight down, health and safety didn't show here - no barriers as such. Landslide and taken them.  Charlie was laughing at me when I told him not to even think of pulling into view points, no way was I looking down at anything even if it was stunning.  Got back to the village and went and got breakfast, while in their a couple we had been speaking to at the airport came in, small world as they were staying in Calgary, Banff and Whistler, had just come into the village for a coffee.
We took a little drive along a back road hoping we might see some Elk or a bear not a thing.
Tomorrow we move on it will be another 4-5 hour trip knowing us but that's the nice part of not being in a hurry.
Sorry if I have made a few of you jealous and wanting to be here, it's taken us 29 years to get back over, ok Charlie was here in March.  I can't see us doing it again the 8 hours flight is just a bit to long for me. Plus I can't see the bank balance allowing it.  But as we say we can't take it with us and why leave it for others to enjoy it when we can do that.

Saturday, 12 October 2013


Good morning everyone I hope you are all well if not here's a (HUG) My cold is getting better, I have  had to go and get some cough syrup. If you see the bag that I made up with things I thought we might need, but never put anything for a cough - silly me I should have known I would get the thing I hadn't packed for.   Today we left Jasper and headed south east to travel to Lake Louise it's a three and half hour drive, we took six hours but that's what we wanted to do. See something and stop, we went down little side roads and found beautiful waterfalls etc,
I just could get over the colour of the water and it must have been freezing  seeing how it's was -1c air temp.

The roar of the water going over here was something

These are called "Endless Chain Mountains"

This is at the ice fields  we were hoping to go up to see them close up but changed our minds for 1 the cost 52 dollars ea. and 2 . 10 tour buses turned up just before us so we gave it a miss.
Took our time and drove to the Lake and to our hotel which is lovely with a real relaxing feeling, we are here for 2 nights, so not much driving being done tomorrow, we will use our feet and walk.
Thank you for your lovely comments and for putting up with my waffle.  I am sitting in a very comfy chair with my feet up, so I am going to have a look at what you all have been up to while we have good Wifi.

Hazel xxx

Friday, 11 October 2013


Good morning folks.  I have just looked at the time on my iPad and it's 01.56am  with you so it's morning.  Here in Jasper B.C. It's  18.56pm , an it's a lovely day cold evening  only 6c but it's that really dry air that also feels light.  It reminds me so much of when we lived in the south of Germany up in the mountains.  Charlie and I had to laugh we are walking around with our jackets open and everyone else have theirs done up with hats and scarves on too.  We got some looks.

Anyway as some of you already know we had rather a long delay at Glasgow, we were meant to fly out at 09.10 on Wednesday but we eventually took off at 17.40.  It was a long day and a long flight,  we were lucky in the fact that "Canadian Affairs" whom we booked with let the car hire people know that we wouldn't be picking our car up till the next day, and they also booked and paid for a room in a very nice hotel, shuttle bus to take us their the lot.  OkCharlie did go and ask what they were going to do seeing how we wouldn't be landing in Calgary till nearly 20.00 hr and no way were we driving the three hours to Edmonton at the time of night, there first answer was book a hotel and claim off your insurance. They were told no way your fault you pay and fair dos they did.   We travelled up to Edmonton yesterday meet up with Charlies nephew and had a lovely meal.  Then today we set off to drive to Jasper a beautiful run it was too, we did get a shock when we came to a toll at the start of the .national Park and had to pay 16 dollars (£10) OAP rate for the 24hrs we will be here, can you see that happening in Britain in our National Parks??

Anyway this is the view we had coming down towards Jasper.

Stunning mountains and I do wonder how those first people to cross these mountain all these years ago managed on foot over these.
We are off down to Lake Louise tomorrow we were in two minds if to spend two nights here but to be honest it's lovely but it's a tourist rip off ,  lots of gift shops selling the usual tacky stuff. I hope Lake Louise will be better.  We were there nearly thirty years ago and it was beautiful so here's hoping it hasn't been to spoilt.
Any way that's all for now, and thank you for all your comments , sorry if I haven't commented on all your blogs but it's free wifi but not that great, we are lucky here tonight so I will go and see what you all have been up to.

Hazel xxx  

Sunday, 6 October 2013


Gosh Sunday is nearly over along with the weekend.   Only two more days at work, did think I was going to get tomorrow off.  Public holiday here tomorrow and Daddy is off but Mummy has just text to say I don't need to go in until 11am.  It's going to be a mad house Daddy plus girls, Nancy the cleaner and myself, thank goodness it's a fairly big house, but oh I could have got so much done here, I have packed 99% of the things but there will be bits that I have forgotten.

Anna made the box Beth hot glued the hats on to the bag  and they both put the card together,

You can by the spots on the card some of these star boxes are very small, I told Anna not to waste paper so she didn't.

One of these new triangle do shaped bibs and a burp cloth fits in the box nicely , it's a gift for a neighbours  baby.

The box that Anna made for the gift plus this one was made from the 12x12 Lidl card, the little nappy  was made by Patricia - summer- house  ages ago in were in my stash along with the little ribbon thing and flowers.

Well folks that's it for tonight, I hope while I am away to keep commenting on your blogs, there is free wifi in al, the hotels .thank you for all your lovely comments, as I keep saying if I can give someone an idea for a gift I am happy.
Take care enjoy your crafting what ever you are doing. Oh don't ask me what has gone wrong to tried to redo this so I will just say sorry.

Hazel xxx

Any way on Friday Nancy saw the gift that Anna and Beth had made for their friend whose birthday was yesterday.  It was a bag with sketch book and gel pens also a origami box full of sweeties.  Nancy loved the box asked where we had got it told it was made by Anna, she asked if she could have a girlie one for a new baby gift, also would it be possible to make smaller ones.  I had to laugh as sitting just along from the gift was lots of very small ones Anna had made. We always say Nancy needs glasses.  The long and short of it all she order  six  little ones made from 6x6 paper in red and could they be Christmasy so they could be used for table presents.  Nancy wanted them for a stall at the hospital.  She works there at a weekend and to raise funds all the staff were asked if they could supply things that can be used at/for Christmas and she felt these would be just right. When I asked when she needed them for - Monday will be fine was her answer, it's on while I am away.

So a lot of photos, first will be the girls makes, then the baby gift and lastly the table presents.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Well that's into October and the first day is nearly over, it looks like this month is going to go as quick as last month.    I am glad you all liked the photos of the kittens even if they weren't the greatest,  as Gillian was saying because they are mainly black they all a kind of blend into one
another, Gillian will try and get some better ones in a couple of weeks.

Now I don't know how your week has begun, but mine didn't start off very well yesterday when I went to work to discover that the ironing I had given Beth 8 to put away on Friday was still at the bottom of her bed - yes she had slept with it there all weekend.  Well as you understand I was not a happy nanny,  told them both (seeing how Anna had done the same a week before) that the only things I was ironing from now no was there school uniform the rest I will just fold up.  I can't see the point of me standing ironing and folding clothes and they can't be bothered to put away.      Then later Tammy phoned to say she was in A & E with Andrew my little grandson having paper stitches put in the side of his face near his eye, seemingly he tripped going into nursery and fell against the steps of the climbing frame.  Now they are off on their holidays on Monday and he will still be supporting a beautiful black eye.  Last year while on holiday he ran into a door a split his head open over 250 euros later he had a big plaster on his forehead in all their holiday pictures. What a boy he is he just doesn't look where he is going.    So that was the start of my week, today hasn't been to bad, the girls did think that after school they could go off and do what they wanted, but no, piano and cello had to be done they both have exams with these next month, so it's practice, practice.

Any way enough of my waffle, here is the gift Tammy had asked me to make up.  They are going to the party of one of their music friends,  she just wanted a little gift to take.

Just some travel sized different foam bath gels, a hand towel, little wooden butterfly in a wicker basket that can be used to store bits in.  Clinged up and three lengths of organza ribbon tied around finished with a bow and a small rose bud. 
That's it for tonight been another long day had to be in for 7.15 this morning and I finished at 6.30.   Off to sort some bits that I am taking for Patricia when we meet up for a cuppa and a chat with some friends.   I won't see Patricia till the last week of the month so we will make the most of the couple of hours tomorrow .

I can't seem to be able to scroll to the top of this post, I have noticed a couple of mistakes sorry I think my long day is catching up. Here's hoping mummy will text saying she will take the girls to school in the morning.   It's Spanish and swimming tomorrow so it's a late finish again.

Hazel xxx

Sunday, 29 September 2013


Just a very quick post to show you all the pictures of the kittens, they are not the best as Gillian sent them from her phone,  she will try and get some better ones from Susan her friend in the next day or to.

Susan loved her basket for Rudy and her little family.  She has put it up on her Facebook page already.

Any way here are the pictures

As I said they are not the best, but there are three all black ones and one black with little bits of white.
We always said we wouldn't have another cat after we lost our Squeek, he had been dumped down at the beach were we use to live and he found his way to our house.  We had him for a good 7 years and our other cat Honey died at 17. But I can see what ever two Gillian and Tammy pick, they will end up boarding on holidays with us.   

Well that's me off to work,  early start, Mummy in London today not sure if it's just today or a few days.  Will find that out when I go in or then again maybe not, things can be a bit up in the air on Mondays - to much going on over the weekend.  Did I tell you that it took Anna three days to clear her room up with my help, yes three days so it will be interesting to see if she has kept it tidy.

Hazel xxx


Good afternoon, I hope you are all well and enjoy this lovely sunny day, well it's sunny here in Fife.
Also welcome to Doreen my new follower, I hope I can give you some ideas on gifts for different occasions.
Well 30 minutes ago my oldest daughter phone with a "Mum could you help me put together a new kitten basket".  Well it's not just a new kitten basket it's a basket for 4 very new kittens born around 9.30pm last night.   Gillian friends cat had the kittens and Gillian and Tammy  are planning to have one of them each, which will be in about 8-10 weeks time.   Gillian is off down to see them so it's a fun gift as Ruby the mum cat is Susan's baby, and Gillian says if she was visiting a new baby she would have taken a gift.

So this is what I made with the bits she brought.

Just a little selection of goodies. For mum cat and the kittens when they get older. I will also show a pictures  of the kittens when Gillian sends me  them.

By the way the girls went to the quarry meeting, sat very quiet and listened, at one point I think Anna would have liked to have said something.    There was a QC with the 4 big wigs from the quarry firm 
They didn't like it very much that there is going to be an inquiry into the dust and health issues also they will be having up to 30 huge lorries going up and down a very narrow windy road,  but they don't live and have to drive on that road.

I am off to to try and get things ready for going away.  I am in work for 7.15am tomorrow and it will be like that all week.   The girls come off school on Friday for half term so I have got them at home next Monday and Tuesday and I will finish at 6.30 pm on Tuesday and we will set off for the airport around  4 am.

Thank you again for all your lovely comments on the Naming Day Gift.  I have a 40th birthday gift to make at some point this week so I will post that when it's done.

Hazel xxx