Friday, 12 May 2017


Sorry I haven't been posting yet again. It's been a busy time here since getting back from my meet up with the others.   I might be retired yet I am still on hand to do picks etc of Beth and Anna, plus I help  daughter Tammy out.   Big daughter Gillian is fund raising once again to cover costs of her and her team of  Podiatrists to help the good folks who do the Catalan Yump, raising money for the soldiers charities. That  is in June.  She was given a donation of bits like oil and things for salads and cooking, pots of jams.  There is a factory in Arbroath that make them.  So I have been making them up in baskets so they can be raffled.

Sorry photos aren't that good. I actually forgot to photograph them for putting up on here. These are ones I sent to .Gillian to show what I had done.  I feel they would also make a good gift at other times.   
As I said I have been busy.   I have  been doing some planning and costing for Patricia and I doing a road trip to go to Ally Pally for the two days in September.   It's all just in the planning at the present.  Plus lots of birthdays in the family at this time.  Looking after grandsons while their dad takes Mum away for her 40th. 

Hopefully I will get back into blogging properly when things settle down. 
Thank you for looking in and leaving a comment I do appreciate each and everyoneof them. 

Hazel x

PS. Glad big sister Patricia is up and running her blog again. 

Sunday, 30 April 2017


Good morning. Sorry I didn't post yesterday.  I was rather tried and things weren't going right. Google has me signing in every time plus other problems posting.  I could have taken my I pad and thrown it out the window.
Thank you for all your kind comments that you left.  I hope my gift baskets give you ideas.  Today basket is one I get asked to do a few times.  This was one of four I made to give to ladies that had help at a conference. To show  appreciation for the long hours and hard work they had put in.

Small hand towel.
Face cloth.
2 face masks.
2 small bottles of wine.
Wine glass filled with sweets.

Again the photo of it all wrapped up wasn't good enough to show.  This is one I did before it just gives you the idea of how it's wrapped.

As I said I haven't made many cards of late, I will hopefully get back in to making them again.
Having my blog up and running gives me a reason to start.

Have a good day what ever you are doing.

Hazel xxx

Friday, 28 April 2017


Good morning.   Thank you for those who took the time to pop in and see what I had posted. I do appreciate your comments.
Yesterday I wanted to let those of you who had been taking an interest in "The Gang of Nine" to see what we looked like. Oh we did have fun.  We are all home safe. Diane had a long day as her flight wasn't till 9.  She went to visit Maureen and brought her up to speed with what we had all got up too.

I have not been making lots of cards.  Beth whom I was nanny to her and her big sister until I retired over a year ago, does Shetland pony racing and won herself a place at Olympia just before christmas. Had to raise £600 for the Bob Champion cancer care fund. I was helping her make cards to sell, plus other things that were sold.  She actually raised over £900.  It was all go from June to December.   I just had to have a break from making, I did a few.   I had my gift baskets still to do.

This basket was a gift for a gentleman.  I did do it up in cellophane it just doesn't photograph very well.  
I hope it gives you an idea what can be done with a basket, a big bottle of wine and 6 little ones

Have a good day. Thank you once again.
Hazel x

Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Good morning.  I thought I would put photos up of " The Gang of Nine".  Unfortunately Our lovely Maureen was unable  to be with us due to her having an accident and fracturing her hip.
We have had a wonderful time again enjoying each other's company, shopping, beautiful evening meals and of course lots of chstting and  laughing.  We all head home in our different direction later on this morning.

Norah, myself, Margaret.
Jess, Patricia, Diane.
Last but not least Saba 

We had another fantastic meet up and can't wait for the next one.   As I said we were disappointed Maureen wasn't with us, she was in our thoughts  constantly and we all said we could hear her voice, see her smile and know what her answer would have been to things.
I hope I haven't bored you. Just wanted to share our happy meet you.
Thank you I am really grateful for those who called in and commented yesterday. It made all the hair pulling and temper tantrums worth it. 
Hazel x 

Tuesday, 25 April 2017


Good morning, yes it's this stranger who has not had a post up for nearly a year.  This is mainly due to me being unable to work out how I got my photos to upload on my blog.

I think I have cracked it so here goes.

Went to my local craft shop to watch John Lockwood demoing and I fell in love with the cascading butterfly die.

I needed a wedding card and from just using the bits from cutting out a few other cards I was able to make this.   John told us not to bin any of the waste as you can make great cards from it and yes it works.

So folks I am hoping I am back up and running.

Hazel x

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Monday, 26 September 2016


This blog is closed due to company's trying to selling products and junk stuff.

So if you are one of these company's do not bother leaving messages.

Thank you.